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Providing education and training opportunities for low-income families that fight generational poverty and transform communities.

The Alliance for Opportunity and Development (AOD) is a 501(c)(3), Christian, non-profit organization established in January 2012. Our mission is to provide education and training opportunities for low-income families that reduce poverty. We currently serve the greater Huntsville, Alabama community as well as students in Aberdeen, Mississippi.  AOD has four flagship programs:

  • "Learn and Earn" scholarships provide low-income adults the opportunity to learn new skills in vocational/technical training programs and then earn their way out of poverty. 

  • "Imagination and Aspiration" scholarships provide science and technology summer camp experiences to children from low-income families.

  • The annual AOD Community Career Fair targets jobseekers without degrees and connects them with local employers, educational institutions, and nonprofits.

  • Operation Spyglass:  AOD supports Air Force Junior ROTC cadet programs at Aberdeen High School in Aberdeen, Mississippi.

Read more about our programs, scholarship recipients, success stories, and news on this site.  Consider supporting us with funds, volunteer effort, and prayer.  The AOD board funds all administrative costs so that 100% of your donation is applied to programs.  Thanks for visiting!